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New Study Reveals Why People Have Rebound or Revenge Sex

 Revenge Sex

What usually happens when two people in a romantic relationship break up? It’s most likely that one of them will be having rebound or revenge sex! Now, why is this so? According to new research from the University of Missouri in the US, rebound and revenge sex are common coping strategies that people use to deal with the raw, immense pain of a breakup. Â Read on to find out more about why people have rebound or revenge sex.

A Large Segment Engage in Rebound Sex to Help Ease the Pain

Does rebound or revenge sex actually help a person handle the pain of splitting up, or does it only make things worse? Well, if you are not in a romantic relationship at the moment, and you’d rather have fun, carefree times with the hot and sexy Private Sydney Escorts, who cares about rebound or revenge sex!


According to the University of Missouri study, 35% of college students reported engaging in rebound sex to help ease their pain or boost their self-esteem, usually within 4 weeks of splitting with their significant others. Nearly one in four respondents also said that they had revenge sex if only to get back at their ex-partners, during the same period!


Not surprisingly, the men and women who were dumped by their partners also felt angrier and more distressed. And of course, these truly pissed-off individuals were also more likely to jump the bones of someone new!


Those Who Had Revenge Sex Remained Hung Up Over Their Breakups for a Longer Time

The study team also stressed that using sex as an outlet for the negative emotions you feel about your breakup, like if you are knocking boots just to lick your wounds or to stick it up your ex, actually creates more problems and issues!


In fact, the study showed that individuals who used these emotions as fuel for more revenge sex actually remained hung up over their breakups for a longer time. And even 8 months after breaking up, these people were less likely to have settled into a new relationship than those who had post-breakup sex for more positive reasons!


But then again, if you haven’t been into a serious romantic relationship for quite some time already, and you’d just like to enjoy a no-strings-attached girlfriend experience, why don’t you go on a date with the hot and sexy Private Sydney Escorts!

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