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Private Sydney Escorts | 3 Best Public Places to Have Sex

It seems almost everyone has thought about experiencing sex in public, but only few people have tried. The obvious thrill of getting caught combined with sexual exhibitionism is somewhat enticing. As what Private Sydney Escorts says – public sex is really a must-try, as long as you don’t get caught of course.

Private Sydney EscortsIf you want to know where the best place is, here are some of them.

The Movie Theater

This place is practically begging people to have sex in it. It’s dark, dimly lit environment makes couple uneasy with watching the film, let alone being uncaring about the people around them. If the movie is boring and you want to get down, the actual theater is a great way to start it off. However, you might want to go with foreplay only, as you need to be discreet somehow. Once you’ve hit your limit and want to just have sex, it’s best to finish the night out of the theater.

Hiking the Trails

The forest is a surprisingly easy place to have sex, and can even be a good avenue to get close with nature. The lush foliage makes it simple to be hidden away even if you are just slightly off a public hiking trail. There’s something about having sex in a place with no ceiling that feels like you have really accomplished something. Plus, the trees, bushes and rocks force you to get creative with your positions.

The Changing Room

The best place to pull off the changing room sex is at middle class department stores, where the employees could care less how many items you bring in. Plus, this kind of stores often has those change rooms with doors that go all the way to the bottom. Never bang in the lingerie department change room, though. The best areas are the ones where the clientele doesn’t really try anything on. Anything geared at men, however, is going to work just fine.

Now that you’ve learned some of the best public places to have sex, go ahead and give it try. You can in fact ask one of those girls from Private Sydney Escorts. They’re always on the go.

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