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Private Sydney Escorts – 3 Reasons Why Most Men Are So Obsessed With Penis Size

Don’t get me wrong but while I absolutely wished that my dick were as big as that of todays most popular male porn stars, the truth is that by and large most ladies aren’t relying on their size when it comes to having a mind-blowing orgasm! And do you know who cares a lot more about penis size than women? It’s the guys! here’s a look at 3 reasons why most guys are just so obsessed with penis size.

Private Sydney EscortsThey are Scared They Can’t Make Ladies Orgasm

Have you ever wondered if your girlfriend, or your hookup partners, as well as your favourite Private Sydney Escorts, ever considered penis size as a major requirement in bed? Well, according to most ladies, the size of a penis does not matter when it comes to giving them the best orgasm ever!

In fact, most women agree that as long as the man is eager and engaged and committed to helping a woman have an orgasm during sex, then his penis size should not matter, regardless if it were really huge, or so tiny!

They Wished Their Dicks Were As Big As What Their Friends Claim

Whether they admit it or not, most guys tend to look at their friends, and covet certain things about their appearance from time to time (and this includes their reported dick size!). Well, penis size has almost always been an important part of masculinity, as all men want a penis size that asserts their manliness, and helps them fit in among their peers.

They Confuse Porn With Reality

Like it or not, but most guys perceive sex and sexuality, based on what they see from porn! For women, this means stripping away all their pubic hair, and sometimes bleaching their assholes. For men, this means assuming that they need a python in their pants in order to be relatively normal!

Well, the truth is that porn isn’t real life, and what you often see in porn is just a myth, or an outright lie! Perhaps you need to have a girlfriend experience with the lovely Private Sydney Escorts, so that you’ll have a real-world feel of just what they really think about men, and sex!

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