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Private Sydney Escorts – 3 Scorching Ways to Play with the Cowgirl Pose

Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to positions for sex, but it’s hard to beat the cowgirl pose for the one with the best erotic view. The gorgeous babes featured in the pages of Private Sydney Escorts have found a few variations of the pleasurable pose that make it better.

Private Sydney Escorts1. Back up with a twist. Think of the reverse cowgirl, only with your girl rocking back and forth instead of using the usual up-and-down moves. She’ll need to straddle you, and then scoot towards your legs a little so it’s like you’re entering her from behind, only laying down. Then she needs to lean forward a bit.

It’s perfect for both of you because, not only is it easier to watch her going at it when you prop your head up with a pillow, but her ass is within easy reach. The different sensations will also get you both heated up with no problem.

2. Give her a hand. Bend your knees so your legs support her back when she climbs on top of you. She can then lean back, and give you a very enticing view by resting the soles of her feet on either side of your shoulders.

This means a different angle of entry for her, coupled with deep penetration and better control. You get a hot visual of you moving in and out of her as she rides you to orgasm. Help her out and make her wetter by playing with her clit, or reaching for a vibrator to do so.

3. Bathroom boogie. Doing the dirty while getting cleaned up just got hotter. A combination of cowgirl and doggy-style makes for totally erotic slippery sex. Climb into the tub and sit down, then help her into it, where she can lower herself onto your dick.

She’ll have to lean forward so she can rest on her palms while grinding away. Have your fun by using your hands to work up that lather and play with her assets. If you don’t have a bath tub, or there’s not enough space, sit on a cushioned, non-slip shower stool instead.

These are just a few of the variations for cowgirl that will make a great view even better. So browse the gallery at Private Sydney Escorts to try them out today!

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