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Private Sydney Escorts – 3 Sensual Positions towards Tantric Enlightenment

Private Sydney EscortsThe existence of true love was very much questionable in the olden times. It is the whole reason why people who experienced it were ostracized. Rendered to be utterly ridiculous, love might have been a mythical thing but sex was as real as the winds in the air. Thus, in the olden times ancient practices were performed that aimed to achieve the best erotic releases they could muster.

The seductive ladies of Private Sydney Escorts put the practice of tantric sex to bring their lovers toward erotic enlightenment. Such movements and stances fervently point out that intimacy is possibly created. It contains positions that are dedicated to tempt, tease and thoroughly please.

1. The Ticking Demolition

A highly affectionate pose, this stance gives you the ultimate upper body connection. The position makes it easier for the languid kissing, sucking, groping and caressing. Simply sit yourself down in a low chair while your legs are relaxed and your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Now, have your girl straddle you as her toes will be slightly resting on the floor.

The trick is to do this slowly but deeply. Feel the walls of her vagina tighten around the rigidness of your cock – first by the tip and on to the shaft. As she positions herself and descends to your erection, immerse yourselves in every sensation of the intimacy.

2. The Booty Connection

You give and you take. This position is all about going in sync. Despite the limitation in the penetration, this pose will take you on different libidinous highs as you sway yourselves back and forth towards orgasm.

Begin by lying yourself on your back then have your girl slowly straddle you. Be sure that your cock will be buried to the depths of her pussy. Now, lift up your torso and position yourselves so that you’re sitting face to face. Both your elbows shall be linked under the other person’s knees to the chest level. This then enables you to cradle each other in bear hug fashion.

3. The Erotic Lap

One does not simply underestimate the power of a lap dance. Feed your carnal visualizations by feasting on the full bodacious figure of your sexy lady.

Look for a chair that has a tall back, place some pillows on it and sit yourself down – planting your feet firmly on the ground. Now, get your girl to straddle the hardness of your hard rod. Have her lean herself back ever so slightly with her hands supporting her weight by resting on your knees. One at a time, let her extend her legs so that both of them will be resting on the top of the chair.

Love may be something that’s unexplainable but intimacy is indeed created for the purpose of the intense connection of the souls. Experience your moment of utter bliss with a luscious lady from Private Sydney Escorts. It’s a guarantee; your body will be greatly gratified!

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