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Private Sydney Escorts 4 Items That Every Guy Needs To Have In Their Sex Drawer

Who says that girls are the only ones who stock their drawers and nightstands with naughty necessities and kinky accessories? Many guys today have already taken a page out of the ladies’ sex playbook too, and are stocking up their own sex drawer! With so many products made to provide male sexual pleasure, here are 4 items that guys should keep handy in their erotic tool kits or drawers.

Private Sydney EscortsSex Kits

When your girlfriend, or lovely Private Sydney Escorts, is ready to try something different, will you be taken by surprise? And does your bedside drawer have what you really need to help turn her on? Perhaps you should buy a sex kit now!

The sex kits that are sold in sex shops and boutiques today nearly have everything that a couple needs for satisfying a wide array of interests, from anal sex to blowjobs, bondage, and more.

For example, there’s one sex kit called The Pleasure Chest which includes a vibrating cock ring, edible body powder, lube, condoms and a book on the Position of The Day! Sex kits are seen as a great way for introducing something new to your partner, without spending too much.

Baby Wipes & Towels

Another valuable item that guys should have handy in their sex drawer are baby wipes and towels, because the last thing you’d like to see is for your lady to run to the bathroom to clean up after having sex!

Make sure you stock a couple of individually-wrapped wet baby wipes, along with a small dry washcloth, as no self-respecting woman is going to be comfortable with sleeping in a wet spot!


Lubricants are a woman’s best friend, especially if she feels dry and painful down below. Just make sure you find something sexier and more fun to use than K-Y Jelly.

One cool suggestion would be to get a product called Uberlube, which is hailed as the best-looking lube for one-night stands. This lube is packed in a stylish glass bottle, is perfect for anal and vaginal sex, and works as a massage oil too.

An Assortment Of Condoms

Instead of just storing one type of condom, it would be much better if you pick up a variety pack, which has several types of textures flavours and thickness levels. Make sure you have latex and non-latex condoms too, because who knows your one-night stand partner, or your favourite Private Sydney Escorts, may be allergic to latex, or may have latex sensitivity!

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