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Private Sydney Escorts – 5 Creative Tricks for an Incomparable BREAST Sex Pleasure

For those who are new to this unusual sexventure, breast sex is actually a creative foreplay act that can be executed (really executed!) to maximise erotic satisfaction. A woman’s breast is one of her most erogenous zones. So by caressing, fondling, and nibbling it, expect for a magnitude of pleasure to both partners.

Private Sydney EscortsThe hot and sexy escort girls Sydney suggest that there is more you can do to transcend ordinary breast sex into a memorable romp. By just being imaginative, you and your partner will surely discover an unchartered domain of a new lustful sexperience.

Check out these 5 efficient breast sex tips:

1. Erotic Massage

Let your lady massage your body using her nipples. It could be all over or just on a certain spot. It’s up to you. Much better if you just let you damsel use her imagination. But remember! Always start the action with your lips and tongue caressing her nipples. Then let her go down concentrating on all your hot spots like the navel or your dick. You’ll go mad with this. Trust me!

2. The Chilling Ritual

Go and get some ice cubes and use them as your prop in rubbing your babe’s nipple tips. To intensify the pleasure, put a cube in your mouth and suck that brazen breasts! The touch of the hot tongue and the ice will give a shivering sensation which will make her absolutely insane.

3. Remember your Dessert

Put some chocolate sauce on one of her breasts and a spoonful of ice cream on the other. Then lick and suck those tata’s to taste the delight of a newly discovered sweet. Feel it! If you have some confections more delightful than ice cream and chocolates, kudos to you!

4. Spice up

Put a small amount of cinnamon oil on your lady’s nipples. Then, blow on them! This will give her an unexplainable sensation.

5. Dick into Action

Put a little lubricant lotion on your babe’s cleavage and rub it. When fully lubricated, all you have to do is let her lie, hold her boobs tight and slide your shaft in between. The tata’s should be locking your penis. Then, start the show by sliding your lumber back and forth. Imagine the pleasure?

Try these breast sex tricks tonight with your partner. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t have a hot babe. The ever seductive escort girls Sydney are just right there waiting for you. View their pictures and book one of them!

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