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Private Sydney Escorts – 6 Sex Tips Men Need To Learn From Now On

Women are quite complicated to understand. This is most especially if you want to invite them to bed, according to Private Sydney Escorts. You can’t simply tease her by doing this and that. You need to exert some effort so as to win her heart (and make her horny, yes). If you want to know the tricks to encourage her for sex, continue reading. Below are some tips that will help you big time!

Private Sydney EscortsTell Her a Story or Two

Reveal that you’ve had enough of women who don’t know how to please a man and that you’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy until you meet a “real” woman who knows how to please her mate. Believe it or not, most women will, for lack of a better term, rise to the occasion. Isn’t that an exciting scenario to experience?

Flirt With Her

Flirting involves being confident, playful, fun, and mysterious. Flirting involves your whole body  eyes (look directly at her), hands (put your hand on her shoulder), mouth (smile), and ears (listen). Combine everything and show her that you are really interested in her.

Use a Negative Note

You know how much you can’t stand it when a woman tells you, “I like you as a friend”? Well women hate it too. So give them a little taste of their own medicine by giving her the hint that she’s just too much of a “good girl” for you to take things past the flirting stage. Say something like, “I think you’re just too virtuous for me.”

Tease Her

Some of the biggest turn-ons for women are anticipation, excitement and the tension derived from not knowing what to expect. Women love pleasant surprises. Next time, tell her you have a little surprise waiting for her but you’ll show it to her next week.

Give Her a Kiss

Ask just about any woman and she’ll agree that a perfect kiss will seal the sexual deal. If you stick your tongue down her throat, she’ll probably pull away in repulsion. On the other hand, if you kiss her gently and slowly, then pull away and look into her eyes, then kiss her again slowly and passionately  you will definitely start a fire inside of her. Remember, everything starts with a kiss.

Do the Right Moves

You might think that in order to bed her, you need to convince her how good you are in bed, or encourage her to take vengeance on her boyfriend’s infidelity by having sex with you. But the reality is that she’s a grown woman and already knows all those things. The best way to get any woman to have sex with you is by making all the right moves and letting her perceive that she’s making the decision to sleep with you based on what she sees (not hears) from you. Want more of these? Call Private Sydney Escorts now!

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