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Private Sydney Escorts | Middle-Age Couples Are Rowdier In Bed Than Millennials & A New Study Confirms That

It’s often been said that you enjoy the best things in life, when you’re young. This explains why many people think that college kids enjoy the best sex, because they often party a lot, get drunk, and flirt with anyone. But wait, because a lot of studies have concluded that sex actually gets better with age! And who’s more rowdy in bed? Nope, it’s not the millennials, but it’s the middle-aged men and women. Let’s find out what the recent studies have confirmed.

Private Sydney EscortsFor Middle-Aged Folks, It’s All About Pleasure

Would you still be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex, with your favourite Private Sydney Escorts, even if you’re 60 years old or more? Well, yes of course! If you look at a results of a recent Canadian study, you’ll know that middle-aged men and women have the rowdiest and most satisfying sex!

According to a study conducted by SIECCAN, or the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, along with the help of popular condom-maker Trojan, surveyed participants who ranged from 40 to 59 years old, to determine how aging affects sex.

The study noted that 63% of participants admitted to exploring their bodies more, and experimenting with sex at this age, rather than when they were in their twenties. In addition, 70% of women surveyed also felt extra satisfied when sex was followed by cuddling, which usually happens in committed, long-term relationships.

There’s A Lot More Sex Going On After 60

In another project conducted by the University of Chicago, and presented in the August 2007 New England Journal of Medicine, it was noted that many men and women remain sexually active well into their 70s and 80s.

In the following year, a Swedish study, which was reported on ABC News, noted that sexual satisfaction significantly rose among people aged 65 years old and above. And why is sexual satisfaction rising among the Baby Boomers?

Well, according to researchers, elders can be present in the moment. This means that these individuals do not have a lot of hang-ups about what sex means in terms of the future, and for them sex is very much a now experience.

Middle-aged men and women also have better conversations, before, during and after sex. And for them, it’s all about the journey, and not the destination, and of course, these individuals are less judgemental in the bedroom too!
And unlike millennial or young adults, who are so preoccupied about their looks, or how their partners felt during sex (and sex was often about Did you or How many times did you?, middle-aged guys and girls are not too concerned about whether and when.

However, this means that having sex with elders may take a little longer, because the person’s energy can ebb and flow, just like a ship that’s drifting on a stormy sea, accompanied by the occasional thunder and lightning!

So if you still worry about aging, and how it affects your sex drive, worry no more, and keep cool, because you’ll still enjoy the best sex even when you’re getting old! Just make sure you have a balanced diet, adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and steer clear from stress, so that you’ll have an active sex life, and you’d still be able to date the lovely Private Sydney Escorts!

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