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Private Sydney Escorts – New Studies Indicate That Sex Can Make You Happier & Wealthier

We’ve all heard the classic line which says that Money cant buy you love. Well, of course money can’t buy you happiness or love, but what’s surprising is that more sex can bring you more money, and what’s great is that this notion’s backed up by a lot of research. Let’s look at the studies which show that more sex can make you happy, and financially healthy too.

Private Sydney Escorts Sex Is Equivalent To The Joy Generated By Receiving Extra Money

In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK and Darthmouth College back in 2004, it was noted that sex ranks very high in a person’s happiness equation, and is much better than the happiness of receiving large amounts of money. Perhaps this explains why many people don’t mind paying for the services of hot and lovely Private Sydney Escorts.

The British and American researchers examined the data they took from the self-reported levels of happiness and sexual activity of 16,000 people. They were surprised to find out that sex, even if it’s just once a month, makes many people happy, and the happiness is equivalent to the one generated by receiving an extra $50,000 in income.

Have Sex Four Times A Week, Earn Higher Wages

In another study conducted by researchers at Angila Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, those who have sex four or more times a week, earn higher pay than their less sexually-active co-workers.

The Angila Ruskin University research team studied a year-long survey of 7,500 Greek households, wherein respondents were asked how many times they had sex per week, where they worked, how many hours per week they worked, and how much money they made.

After analysing the sexual acitity and income levels of the Greek respondents, the researchers noted that those who’ve had sex over 4 times weekly, earned on average 5% more than the people who had less sex per week. While researchers could not directly pinpoint the exact causes, they asserted that there was a correlation between happiness, sexual activity, productivity and wages.

The British study also stressed that those who have sex frequently tend to be much happier, have higher a self-esteem and improved reasoning ability, and thus are less likely to suffer from depression.

Sex Ranks Very High In The Happiness Ladder

Another reason why those who regularly have sex earn more money, is because they’re more motivated, and more contented with life. In yet another study conducted by researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, it was found that sex generated the most pleasure, meaning and engagement for people.

After sex, partying and drinking alcohol ranked 2nd, followed by volunteering, and then religion/meditation . What’s so surprising was that using Facebook and doing household chores ranked poorly on the happiness scale.

Spanish researchers from the Barcelona Public Health Agency also noted that the blood pressure of those who’ve had sex during the previous evening, raised less during work or meetings, and returned to normal more quickly too.

And so if having more sex equates to higher incomes,and improved productivity, what’s stopping you from having more fun in bed? Contact your favorite Private Sydney Escorts now, so you’ll have the most steamy (and the most fulfilling) sex ever, and elevate your happiness and productivity at the same time too.

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