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Private Sydney Escorts – New Study Reveals That More Women Engage In Unprotected Sex After Downing Too Much Alcohol

We all know what happens when we drink too much alcohol. For starters, if we’re driving, too much alcohol can make us tipsy that we run the risk of being involved in a vehicular accident. And when we go on a date, and drink too much, we could either end up in bed with the wrong type of individual, or we’d end up puking on him or her in bed! Thus, it comes as little surprise that alcohol-related behaviour results in a lot of sexual risk-taking, especially in women (as it is in boys!). Let’s look at what a new study reveals on women who down too much alcohol when dating.

Private Sydney EscortsMore Women Engage In Unprotected Sex After Drinking Too Much

Has your girlfriend or hookup partner, or even your favourite Private Sydney Escorts had an experience where she totally got drunk, and didn’t realise that she was already in bed with someone she barely knew? According to new research from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, over two-thirds, or 66.9% of college-aged women today engaged in unprotected sex during their last sexual encounter involving alcohol, with around 40% of these women imbibing over the recommended daily limit of 3 drinks per day.

The study, which was published online in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, was set out to understand how one’s beliefs about alcohol and sex affect condom use during sexual encounters involving alcohol. Based on the participant’s surveyed, sex without a condom was significantly and positively related to both one’s motivation for sexual activity to satisfy personal physical needs, and stronger beliefs that alcohol promotes sexual risk-taking.

The Women Who Engaged In Risky Sexual Behaviour Drank More Than 3 To 5 Drinks

Most women who participated in the survey consumed more than 3 to 5 drinks, and described themselves and their partners as being “moderately intoxicated”. Most of the young women surveyed also admitted to drinking heavily prior to sex, which according to health experts can impair their cognitive functioning and decision-making.

The study participants included 287 college-age females who were primarily Caucasian, who anonymously reported on their most recent sexual activity involving alcohol. And relative to older women, the younger ladies engaged in an elevated rate of alcohol use and are at increased risk for adverse sexual health outcomes.

Thus, if you got female siblings, cousins and friends, please remind them to control their drinking, and help them steer clear of any negative effects of binge drinking. Well, you could remind your lovely and friendly Private Sydney Escorts too, about the harmful effects of drinking too much!

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