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Private Sydney Escorts | New Study Surprisingly Notes That 1 In 3 Marriages Started As Casual Hookups

Are you into casual hook-ups, one-night stands with women you meet at a bar or restaurant, or engage lovely Private Sydney Escorts? Well, if you’re still single, all those exciting yet casual sex encounters might offer something good!

Private Sydney Escorts There have been some studies showing at least 1 in 3 marriages started as casual hook-ups! Here’s a look at the interesting yet controversial topic of one-night stands leading to marriages.

Around 32% of Married Couples Meet In A Hook-up
The next time someone scares you from going on a casual sex rendezvous, perhaps you should tell them that it offers a lot of benefits. These are especially in terms of finding the right wife or long-time partner.

While casual hook-ups and one-night stands have gotten a bad rap, a new study indicates that guys have an average five sex partners before getting hitched.

A University of Virginia study followed 1,300 participants who had started dating someone after a hook-up. Findings showed almost a third of them got hitched five years later.

According to a noted sociologist who joined the UV study group, “couples who started out as with a hook-up sometimes evolve to something more. Sooner or later they would want to settle down and have a relationship”.
However, the sociologist adds that while casual relationships or one-night stands can turn into serious ones, the people involved have to be open to the idea of making a commitment!

As long as the participants are open to the possibility that something serious could happen after the hook-up, they’ll generally be in the same league as couples who seriously “dated and waited” and never engaged in one-night stands.

Half Of Men & Women Today Have Engaged In One-Night Stands
In yet another study titled the 2014 Singles in America study, 66% of single men and 50% of single women reported that they had engaged in one-night stands. Many of them admitted they enjoyed hopping into the sack with somebody they hardly knew!

Most sex experts agree that a person can learn a lot about the other individual between the sheets.

Stimulation of the genitals promotes dopamine activity, which can push the person over the threshold into falling in love. During orgasm, oxytocin and vasopresin – chemicals linked with feelings of attachment – go up too.

So, this means that with just one night of casual sex, you could end up with a lifetime mating partner! Or if you don’t like that idea, then you could go for a free-wheeling yet hot and truly erotic date with the lovely Private Sydney Escorts!

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