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Private Sydney Escorts – Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Bedroom Experience

When you think about it, sex is like food  everyone has a favourite that they choose almost automatically. However your palate would enjoy a little experimenting with taste and texture now and then  so it’s a given that sex would be the same, say several women, including a few Private Sydney Escorts.

Private Sydney EscortsSo the next time you and your lovely partner feel the urge to have your sexy fun, here are a few advanced positions for you to try.

  1. Go for a spin. If you don’t have a vibrator, this position can provide the perfect stand-in. Simply sit on top of a free-standing washing machine or dryer, then have her sit in your lap with her legs wrapped around your waist. You can then go at it while the laundry machine of your choice sends titillating vibes through you both.
  1. Stand up act. This is a good idea for times when there’s no couch or bed handy, because all she has to do is bend forward, resting her hands on her thighs or calves or the floor. Enter her from behind, taking care that she doesn’t lose her balance. Since this a modified doggy position, the deep penetration and stimulation you usually get applies here as well.
  1. This is an advanced position for a reason  the setup can be confusing, and finding the right angle to enter her takes some doing. She’ll be lying on her side with legs open, knees slightly bent. You’ll be sitting up, legs folded, and almost at right angles to each other.

You’ll then have to put your upper leg in between hers, your lower leg on the mattress, while you shift close enough to enter her. There’s not much range of motion in this position, but you’ll have plenty of space to tease each other using your hands.

  1. If being upside down. dangling from the edge of a bed isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll want to hold off on trying this position. If you really want to, then make sure to have an extra pillow or two, for you to rest your head on.

When you’re in place, have your partner straddle you, but with her feet resting against the mattress rather than her kneeling. The blood rushing to your head should heighten any sensation and kick your climax up a notch.

  1. V-sensual. This position is straightforward, but your partner will need some flexibility; at most, she’ll need to be flexible enough to perform a forward fold. If you think she can handle it, though, then go ahead. Have her sit on a countertop, table, or high bench and face you, then put her ankles over your shoulders.

As you enter her, she can lean back on her hands for extra support, or clasp them around your neck.

Want to try these out but have no committed partner? Look for Private Sydney Escorts online to help you out!

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