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The gag felt frosty in my mouth, and for a moment, I relished its cold burn. It was stretching my cheeks, holding it in place. It was like a speculum for mouths and mine must have determined it as a threat, as it immediately instructed my salivary glands to produce lubrication. It must have looked comical, with the fake smile I struggled to sport.

Private Sydney EscortsHe was grinning a dark, satisfied look on his face. I was his private Sydney escort. We were at the point where he could do whatever he wanted, within reason of course. He would still need to clue me in and I would have to give my explicit agreement. This time, it’s about him slamming his thick dick into my mouth. He controlled the speed and depth of his thrusts, hence the device that prevented me from closing it.

It took great trust from both of us to commit to this, more so for me than him. I trusted he wouldn’t abuse his privilege, and he trusted me not to walk away from it all.
He approached with his dick hanging. His shirttail, now and then, touched the base of his cock, and all I can see was the fine patch of his pubic hair. I was reminded of how hygienic he was; one of the many reasons that I liked him much better than I did most of my clients.

My mouth was agape and salivating. He started moving his semi-hard cock in. It was still floppy but I could tell the blood was flowing into it quickly. A few self-tugs and his cock became veiny and rock hard. It was menacing and deliciously arousing at the same time.

He thrust it in, and even with my gaping mouth, I could still feel the stretch from his mighty girth. He tasted musky, a manly scent and taste that is uniquely him. He was merciful at first, thrusting halfway and retreating before entering again. He was relishing every moment, every sensation, every element of our oral adventure.

He began to need more, and he thrust harder, more purposefully and more intent. His hands steadied my head, and he started relentlessly fucking my mouth. In.. out.. in.. in.. burying it deeper. I was able to deep-throat him for a couple of seconds before I started choking and struggling to breathe. Tears were streaming from both my eyes, but he wasn’t done with me. He only withdrew a couple inches out, giving me a short respite and letting me breathe.

Even then, I couldn’t properly inhale through my nose as his cock was still in my mouth. I made a gurgling sound and tried to draw in some air. At that moment, I realised it was really hard to be a private Sydney escort. But I wasn’t giving up I couldnt, and I didn’t want to. And then, he started mercilessly thrusting again.

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