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Private Sydney Escorts – Sweeten Your Cum With These 4 Secrets

Oral sex is something that both men and women can enjoy, no matter how wary they can be at the beginning. There are some factors that can get in the way, such as a smell you can’t quite place when you head between her legs. On the other hand, she could be thinking twice because she is not sure how you’d taste. Even the Private Sydney Escorts will have trouble swallowing if your cum isn’t to their taste.

Private Sydney EscortsOf course, if you taste sweet, she’ll have no qualms about swallowing. So how can you make sure you taste good?

  1. Think of the first kiss. Your breath is typically the first thing blokes think of when it’s clear that they have high chances of scoring with their dates. It’s no wonder  if she recoils because of pungent odours, that can kill the mood faster than you can blink. Apparently, what’s bad for your breath is also bad for your cum.

This means that you’ll want to avoid asparagus, broccoli, garlic, and onions, since these are all on the list of foods that can make your breath smell funky and wreak havoc on your oral sex experience. If you can, search online for restaurant menus. Then plan ahead what to order for dinner if you are really hoping to get lucky afterward.

  1. Vices are a no-no. Alcohol affects how your semen tastes, experts caution. You don’t have to quit cold turkey, but you’ll want to keep an eye on how many pints you knock back when you go drinking. The same goes for smoking it’s bad for getting head, so ease it out of your routine.
  1. Cleanse your system. Getting rid of vices is a way to cleanse your system, which is good for good-tasting cum. To do this, make a green juice to help you get started. One possible recipe experts recommend is a mix of pineapple and lemon juice, along with parsley, wheatgrass, and peppermint. The first two ingredients are pretty astringent, but the rest balance them out.
  1. Live healthy. Cutting back on alcohol and tobacco isn’t enough. Drinking a lot of coffee more than 4 cups a day can make your cum taste bitter. The same goes for smoking weed or doing drugs. However, getting rid of vices but not cleaning up your diet will slow your progress down.

Do your best to cut back on red meat; experts say this can make cum taste salty which, while not as bad as tasting bitter, will still be hard to swallow. Load up on fruits and veggies because the fibre will help keep your system clean while the natural sugars will give your cum a better flavor, so to speak. Don’t forget to exercise regularly as well.

Now, if you don’t have a committed partner to please with your better-tasting cum, just browse online for the Private Sydney Escorts to get things going.

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