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Private Sydney Escorts | The Fragile, Tricky Environment Of No-Strings Attached Casual Sex

Hookup, casual sex, booty call, etc. Who says casual sex is just reserved for the free-wheeling, lawless terrain of college dorms and campuses? Today, everyone’s doing it, from lawyers and CEO’s to cops, teachers, firemen, and even garbage disposal crews and street sweepers! Hey, hookups even take place in retirement homes and hospitals! However, is casual sex completely casual? Let’s delve deeper on the fragile, and potentially explosive realm of no-strings attached casual sex.

Private Sydney EscortsNew Study Says That Hookups Pose No Serious Emotional Consequences

While everyone agrees that casual hookups are fun and exciting, a new study conducted by the University of Minnesota has noted that young adults engaging in casual sex encounters are no more at risk of harmful psychological outcomes or consequences, as compared to sexually-active young adults in more committed relationships. So hey, what’s stopping you from going on a date with the sultry Private Sydney Escorts?

And as women are deemed to be complicated and emotional, while men are simple, sex-driven and carnal, the researchers noted that each individual is complicated, and sexuality or sexual expression are personal preferences which can’t be reduced or boiled down to certain definitions or adjectives. Each individual too, will have vastly different sexual and emotional boundaries from the other.

The Rules Of Engagement Still Exist, Even In Casual Hookups

Whether we view casual sex to be carefree, no-strings attached activities or events, the truth is that the inevitable rules of engagement still exist, which make engaging in casual sex as complicated as traditional dating and courtship.

This means that in the long run, despite the carefree nature of the activity, it will be likely that someone will get attached, or hurt, and eventually the low-maintenance nature of the whole set-up could be compromised too.

And whether you just hooked up with an ex, or a former high school classmate, or even a co-worker, the hookup will always be in the context of some kind of relationship. And no matter how tired you are, or if you’re doing everything to ignore the temptation, there will still be texts in the morning, or late night which will ask you stuff like – are you free tonight? Can you come over?

And despite the brouhaha over the unwritten laws or complexities of casual hookups, the truth is that we’d still be more than happy to see our hookup partners’, because in addition to sexual satisfaction we still want to feel the adventure, rush of excitement and intimacy that casual sex provides. Perhaps tonight would be a great time to go on a date with your favourite Private Sydney Escorts!

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