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Private Sydney Escorts | 3 Steal-Worthy Tips to Improve Your Foreplay

Foreplay is key to achieving great sex. However, according to Private Sydney Escorts, men tend to make it quick. That despite giving their partners foreplay, they don’t give it enough time to cook. Well, it’s about time that you make a difference. Make sex a little bit more interesting than last night and use the below foreplay tips to your advantage. You’ll surely be thankful at the end!

Private Sydney EscortsSurprise Her

It’s easy to feel sexually desensitized when you see the same package or pair every day, all the time, and at times, even in the most unflattering of circumstances. But by doing something unique and sexually risk, you can change the numb sensation into a sexual frenzy instantly. Show your assets off, but shock and awe your partner while doing it.

Kiss Her Passionately

Those quick sparrow pecks of goodbye kisses may work while saying goodbye and rushing to the office in the mornings. But in bed, that’s one of the biggest sexual turn offs. Take your time. Even if you’ve kissed your lover a million times, a slow and sensual kiss can still feel just as intimate and sexy as a first kiss. Close your eyes, place your lips on your lover’s lips and play along, while moving your lips softly, slowly and purposefully.

Explore Her Body

Don’t be in a hurry. As you kiss your lover, run your hands along their back or over her arms or shoulders. Penetration doesn’t have to be the only sexy thing you do in bed. Gently kiss your partners neck, her arms and the rest of her body. If your partner moans or relaxes her body, she probably likes what you’re doing.

Let your hands linger all over her body, but as you do that, close your eyes and run your lips over the rest of the body. Just experience the way your lovers body feels against your lips. It’s sensual and arousing, and it’ll surely make both of you feel really horny!

Excited to apply these tonight, right? Well, if you still want more of these tips, then hook up with some of the girls from Private Sydney Escorts. One of them can help you big time!

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