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Private Sydney Escorts – 3 Cool Ways to Change a Sex-Starved Existence

Comfort Zone

Has you sex life gone down the drain? And have your nights in bed become dull, or barren? Perhaps you need to do something radical now, or else your sex drive, as well as your sanity too, could all go down the drain! Because of movies and TV (I guess partly), today’s couples already have an exaggerated and stressful image of sex. Thus, instead of sulking, focus on having fun and realize that some sex encounters go well, while others don’t. Here are a couple of cool ways to change a sex-starved existence.

Risk Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s so easy to get in a sexual rut, whether with your spouse, or even with a hookup buddy. To move beyond the routine, perhaps you should discuss your sexual turn-ons with your girlfriend, or even with your preferred

Private Sydney Escorts, especially the ones that you both may have developed over time, but never discussed!

So, instead keeping your sexual desires and fantasies all to yourself, for fear of how your partner will react, this should be the time to tell her, or let her know that you are open to what they are into, without any judgment. Sometimes, simply talking about your turns-ons that you may have kept hidden for years can bring a new wave of excitement to the relationship!

Put “Sex Dates” on Your Calendar

While it may sound too unsexy to schedule sex, sex and relationship experts say that doing so could actually lead you to having regular, non-scheduled sex!  While most people often scoff at the thought of scheduling sex, but with the busy lives most of us lead, there are rarely opportunities for spontaneous sex.


Thus, consider scheduling a date, and let your partner know in advance that you’d like to get kinky and sleazy, and then have a nice date, even at home, and transition to sexy time afterward!


Stop Making Excuses 

And since most of us make excuses for everything in our lives, from not going to the gym or to skipping a friend or family member’s birthday, please don’t make excuses for why you are not spending some sizzling erotic time with your girlfriend, or with your favourite

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